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Eyelid Surgery Cost

The cosmetic eyelid surgery costs are determined by many factors. The purpose of the procedure is a key driver of the cost. Different types of surgeries have varying levels of complexity and can be very difficult or rather easy. The surgeon’s experience and practice also sets the cost. Some surgeons can charge a higher amount because they are well known. The patient’s geographic location also has a lot to do with the price. Certain areas such as Beverly Hills and New York are going to pay much more for procedures. Lastly, the method of payment a patient chooses can also affect the cost. Using a credit card will increase costs. Also, if a person has to borrow money to finance the procedure there will be an increased cost of eyelid surgery.

Several studies have been performed on the cost of surgery. The results and statistics reveal that in 2003, almost seven hundred million dollars was spent on different eyelid surgical procedures in the United States. Also, in 2003, the nation wide cost of double eyelid surgery averaged approximately four thousand dollars the procedures.

As mentioned previously, the cost can depend on the purpose of the surgery. Eyelid surgeries can be performed for cosmetic purposes. Those who have droopy eyelids or puffiness under their eyes can enhance their appearance through surgery. When surgery is performed for cosmetic reasons, the cost of surgery will be paid by the patient. When the surgery is deemed medically necessary, most insurance will pay for the cost of eyelid surgery. There are several conditions that may require reconstructive eyelid surgery. They are ectropion, entropion, ptosis, skin cancer, and physical trauma.

The cost can is determined in part by a patient’s geographical location and the actual surgeon who is performing the surgery. Some rural areas may have fewer qualified surgeons while large cities could have more competition among professionals. This can greatly affect the cost and causes wide differences in prices. Each surgeon will also vary the cost at their discretion. The most important factor to consider when choosing a surgeon is not the cost, but rather the quality. Every patient deserves a great plastic surgeon that puts the patients interests first. Basing your cosmetic surgery on the cost may adversely affect the patient’s experience.

The cost of surgery is also determined by related fees. The previously mentioned national average for 2003 was the cost of surgery alone. The surgeon fees, anesthesia fees, facility expenses, medication costs, and related charges are not included in this estimate. These fees can add another one to four thousand dollars. The overall cost is also determined by the patient’s procedure. Some patients need only to have a single eyelid enhanced, which reduces the total cost. The double eyelid surgery tends to cost more.

Overall, when a person is considering having a plastic surgery, they should really consider more than just the cost. While a person may be tempted to shop around for different surgeries and surgeons, the best outcomes happen when the person finds the best fit with their doctor. This could be for a low or a high price. That is why it is always good to get a consultation and learn the full truth about cosmetic eyelid surgery costs before moving forward.

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